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To locate a product

Click on one of the main department icons
A new list will appear showing the related product categories in that group
Select a category from the list A list of all the products in that category will be shown in the main window of the screen
Browse through the list of products
By clicking on the product code you will be shown more information about that product
Alternativly you can click on the search button to search for a specific product by name

Ordering a product

From the list of products find the one you want to order
At this point you can add the product to your basket by clicking on the "Buy" button or you can see more information by clicking on the product code.
You can again place an order for that product by clicking on the "Buy" button
You will be shown your shopping basket where you can change the quantity or delete an item from the basket
To change the quantity, enter the quantity you require in the quantity box and click on the "Recalculate" button
Continue shopping or pay now

Checking your basket

Click on the "Basket" button on the Navigation Bar at the top
A new screen with Shopping Basket will appear
Check the amount and the item on the form
If everything is correct you can either Shop some More or Pay Now
If you wish to delete an item from your shopping basket, set the quantity of that item to zero and click on the "Recalculate" button
If you wish to change the quantity of an ordered item, change the number shown in the Quantity box and then click on the "Recalculate" button

Paying for your order


Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to complete your purchase.


When you click on the "Pay Now" button, you will be presented with Step 1

  • If you are an Existing Customer, simply enter your Login Name and Password and click on the "Enter" button to move on to Step 2
  • If you are a New Customer, enter your details and click on the "Next" button You will be informed of your login name and asked to provide a password
  • Click on the "Enter" button to move on to Step 2

Step 2

  • Check the Delivery Address information and select Delivery and Payment Methods from the available options and click on the "Next" button

Step 3

  • If you are paying by Credit Card, fill in the Credit Card details and click on the "Next" button

Step 4

  • Check your invoice to ensure that it is correct and then press the "Place Order" button
  • You will now see your order number on the screen
  • Please take note of it and write it down somewhere safe